The Four-legged Family

2013-06-07 12.35.27

Sat in the Sun with the dogs.

Rosie and Lucy are our dogs, they’re both Jack Russells. Rosie is white and brown and has a smooth coat, Lucy has a more coarse grey and white coat. We bought Rosie from a breeder on a farm when she was a puppy. She was the first one we loved and we only had the chance to have her because the people who had previously wanted her had a change of circumstances so we got the one we wanted and she would’ve been the last one!

Rosie is four years old and she’s easily excited, she goes all tail wagging and friendly growling when new people come to the house and she even has a mad five minutes where she runs all around the downstairs rooms skidding around corners across the carpet.

A few years ago we put up an advertisement for a companion for Rosie on a website. It was one of those where you could ask for a dog to be taken off your hands or for a dog to take home, like we did. We got a reply from a lady who had a dog and felt like she couldn’t provide enough care for her anymore. This is how we got Lucy. We took Rosie and visited Lucy at her home to see if they liked each other. They got on really well so we went on with the adoption. We still see Lucy’s old owner. She comes along to the vet with Lucy when we take her and we visit her with both Lucy and Rosie every now and then. Mum sometimes goes for lunch with her and she sends Lucy is quite an old dog; she’s about 14 years old. She mostly sleeps on her cushion in the kitchen and goes out to the toilet when she needs to. Sometimes, she doesn’t come back in and she’ll sleep in the kennel Dad made for hours on end and won’t come in unless you bribe her with biscuits. Lucy sometimes wanders into the living room when we’re all sat in there but she usually just saunters back to her bed in the kitchen.

Rosie meanwhile is always snuggled up on the sofa with you – or on you. She gets really cosy and if you get up she follow you everywhere. Sometimes, before Mum goes to work I’ll hear Rosie squeaking on the other side of my closed bedroom at half seven in the morning. Mum’ll let her in and she’ll bounce up to the bed and she’ll find her way under the duvet and she’ll either snuggle up by my feet or into my stomach. She’s like a little hot water bottle but she can sometimes get in the way when I want to roll over.

So I’m writing this on my laptop and Rosie is snuggled on my crossed legs. She’s laid in a tight ball with her nose under her tail. She looks really cute and comfy and I don’t want to move or disturb her.

Looks like I’ll be sat here a while.

Watch this space.


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