My Bed Is No Longer Just My Bed

For the past few nights I have been accompanied in my bed by someone other than my boyfriend…

I know what you’re thinking and that is wrong!

It has actually been Rosie the dog. I’ve been on my laptop or watching the tellie till late these past few days and I never mind her joining me in bed. I’ve ended up being far too tired – and lazy – to take her downstairs to her bed in the kitchen so she’s slept in my bed with me. Sometimes, she curls in a ball and sleeps under the duvet down by my feet or she’ll lay next to me with her head resting on my arm or nuzzled into my neck. It’s quite cute actually, she loves being really comfy.

Mum tells me that, when I’m out or at work, Rosie will sit on my bed waiting for me. Apparently when I first left for University, Rosie would wait outside my closed bedroom door whining. A few weeks before I returned from my first year at Uni, Mum and Dad brought most of my things home. Mum said that, while they were bringing in boxes and bags of my things, Rosie ran around the car, the garden and the house looking for me.

I do love my Rosie, if only Lucy pretended to miss me at least.




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