About A Speeding, Swerving Bus

Some might think that a bus ride between towns may be a quiet and more relaxed way to get around, and I suppose that in a middle-of-nowhere-village on a minibus, that might be so. But, no.

My hour and a half bus ride started from a stop outside my house and continued on a smooth main road quite happily. The bus was empty compared to most times bus-ing about so I sat at the top of the double-decker right at the front with my feet on the bar next to my coat and my bag on the seat beside me.

Shortly after going through the outskirts of  a smaller town, the bus hurtled down a pretty narrow road. Parked cars lined the street, tall terraced houses lined the pavement. It was actually quite nerve-racking watching the path of the bus cross over the white lines that marked the boundary between coming and going traffic, narrowly missing the oncoming traffic and closely pasing the parked ones on our side.

The only thing that I think that was worse than that rollercoaster ride of a road was when the bus swerved round a tight corner and me, sat right at the front, fear for my life as the corner of a house, traffic light, bus or lorry narrowly misses the window I am are nervously peering out of!

Sometimes, I think bus drivers enjoy scaring their passengers.

I also don’t understand a bus driver’s reluctance to obeying road rulers. On traffic lights, according to bus drivers:

  • Green means go – yes we all agree on that one
  • Amber means go quicker

My lovely depiction of my local buses

Buses always go through red lights and quite blatantly too. They never stop for the lights – unless there is an obvious danger like other traffic beginning to turn, pedestrians beginning to cross.

I remember one time when I was on a bus and the lights ahead were changing from green to red. There was a car in front and it wasn’t sure if it was going to try to get through or just stop at the lights. Bus being a bus , it sped right up to get through but then had to violently break as the car in front suddenly stopped for the lights just as they turned red. An elderly man near the front nearly went flying out of his seat from the force of braking!

Now, I’m not saying that all bus drivers are stupid road raging maniacs, and I understand that they have schedules to keep, but the safety and sanity of your passengers are at risk!

Thankfully the second half of my journey was along smooth and wide main roads.

I hoped that journey was a little more merciful and thankfully it was.


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