The Curiositiless Unknown

A world without curiosity

Begs no question “why?”, nor

Can you tell me what, when?

Do you know how?

Everything would be purposeful, built

For only need and must.

Going to and from places

Hold no explorational pleasure.

If a star turned supernova

Just right before our eyes,

Knowledge about it won’t be sought for.

Landing on the Moon would never occur.

Moon phases not studied.

Nor any record of planets or moons

Out past ours.

People would study for need not regard

Questions would not be asked,

Regard disregarded and

So many things would be unknown.

The sky and beyond would be


Variety would be limited.

Would half the things invented be here?

Xeroxing no holiday photos

Yellow Suns untouched by camera

Zero curiosity leaves a world unknown.


About spacebearblogger

I love writing literature, astronomy, art and I like to think and debate about the society we live in. View all posts by spacebearblogger

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