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I’m really looking forward to returning to University. There are only 15 people on my course so we’ve all become very close.

At home, I only have a couple of real friends that I see frequently. At University, I have 15 potential people to hang out with and half of those people are really good friends.

Everyone at uni will have money to spend from their student loans and time to hang out after lectures. We all have some in common to talk about, to meet up about, to help each other on. Last year, we had huge group study sessions to help each other with certain assignments and exam revision.

I can’t wait to go back.

I will miss my home friends, but they can always visit me. I can always return. But my uni friends are at uni and, as much as I’d like, they can’t come back home with me.


Procrastination Station

I’ve been procrastinating all Summer.  Taking notes on thermal physics from a gigantic textbook isn’t the most exciting thing to do in my holidays and I’ve managed to study only one of the three chapters we’ve been set. The book of endless words and my endlessly empty paper pad lie open on a fold out table by my bed with my pens spread across.

Over the days I haven’t studied, the table has accumulated deodorant cans, a going out bag, my earphones, a pair of earrings, bus tickets…

I suppose finding studying boring compared to enjoying my Summer Holiday is nothing compared to the necessity of me studying.

So I’ll press on tomorrow.

Or the day after…

Compliments to the Sandwich Artist


I make many of these every day but making an order for two made my day as well as tasty sub.

There are some lovely customers that I get the pleasure to serve who are very polite when ordering and thankful when leaving the store.

I like these customers.

It makes me feel really confident in my self when one of my own customers tells me that I’ve done a good job and last night, one customer made my day.

She ordered two foot-long BTMs (pepperoni, salami and ham) with extra bacon and I served her head through to till. She complimented me on my sandwich building skills when I placed the extra bacon on the bottom side.

I asked, “Do you mind if I put it here instead?”

“Whatever is easiest for you,” she replied. She smiled at me as I placed the spicy cheese on the Hearty Italian BMT and plain cheese on the Herb and Cheese BMT.

“It’s more so that your subs aren’t too top-heavy.”

She complimented me on my thoughtfulness.

As she requested for them to be cold, I continued to the salad station. She gave me the salad orders for each sub one at a time, making comment that the first was for her other half.

“Suppose it’s good when you know his order too,” she laughed.

“I know,” I joked, “though as a Sandwich Artist my boyfriend expects me to know his order.”

As I was wrapping the sandwiches with sub wrap I asked if she’d like a bag.

She said she would, and she got two cans from the fridge while finished wrapping the second sub. When she returned to the till she realised that the sub would probably fit in her own bag as they were.

“I forget how big my bag is sometimes,” she said, lifting her large hand bag on to the counter.

“Yeah they’d fit. but they might unwrap. We used to have stickers, I don’t know why we don’t have stickers.” I said, “We should have stickers. I’ll put them both in a bag anyways then you can carry them as they are or put them in your bag if you like. I wouldn’t want them to unwrap in your bag.”

She complimented me again, “you’ve been really helpful thank you very much. Is there anyway I can make a comment?”

“I think you can go online and do a store service survey if you like, thank you very much.”

She asked if we had some sort of tips box and when I said that we didn’t she exclaimed that I’d been ever so helpful and that my service was lovely so she gave me a £1 tip. Before she left she asked for my name, and thanked me again.

I felt really happy. She was the last customer I served before I left too so I was happy on my way home too.

It’s amazing how one person’s comments, be it good or bad, can have such an impact on the way you feel.

I like to think that my customer service is good, but being told directly from a customer that you’re tip and feedback worthy made me feel brilliant. It’d be really nice if she did complete the online feedback form. They get sent to the owners of the store so then they can realise that I’m more than just a casual worker. I do put the effort in.

Well I know I try to.

New Year, Not So New Start

Every time I am about to start a new academic year, be it school, college or Univeristy, I make myself a promise that I will be more organised. I will work harder, do extra reading and complete all assignments soon as I receive them. It never happens.

Up until the day of my last exam at Uni in June, my desk was a mountain of paper and coloured pens with the odd black biro sticking out from under the printed revision notes, photocopied textbook pages and written examples and questions.

So as I am begining to pack my bags and boxes to return for my second year at University I am making similar promises again.

I will complete all unnassessed homework tasks.

I will read each chapter of my gigantic textbook prior to the relating lecture.

I will keep my room organised, especially my book shelf and desk.

I will file all notes away neatly as soon as I return to my room after lectures.

If the previous fails, I will remember where all individuals sheets of notes are tossed before I collapse on my bed.

These are the more common promises I make myself most summers before returning to a new year of education. One which should be made resulting from my experience of last year:

I will unpack all bags and boxes on the day of arrival and not two weeks after.

Will they be kept?

We shall see…

When I was 10…

I wanted to be an astronaut.

I remember the days I spent with a cardboard helmet on my head sat in a larger cardboard box. I wanted to see all the things I saw in my books for myself. I wanted to float weightlessly sailing at warp speed into the unknown.

I am now an Astrophysics student at the University of Central Lancashire. I suppose my aspiriations drifted towards being the person to send the astronauts up, to research and investigate from a distance. My childhood aspirations and my present ambitions are very connected, very similar.

What ever career my degree will lead me to, be it research or teaching, I will always be close to my inner child’s dream.

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