New Year, Not So New Start

Every time I am about to start a new academic year, be it school, college or Univeristy, I make myself a promise that I will be more organised. I will work harder, do extra reading and complete all assignments soon as I receive them. It never happens.

Up until the day of my last exam at Uni in June, my desk was a mountain of paper and coloured pens with the odd black biro sticking out from under the printed revision notes, photocopied textbook pages and written examples and questions.

So as I am begining to pack my bags and boxes to return for my second year at University I am making similar promises again.

I will complete all unnassessed homework tasks.

I will read each chapter of my gigantic textbook prior to the relating lecture.

I will keep my room organised, especially my book shelf and desk.

I will file all notes away neatly as soon as I return to my room after lectures.

If the previous fails, I will remember where all individuals sheets of notes are tossed before I collapse on my bed.

These are the more common promises I make myself most summers before returning to a new year of education. One which should be made resulting from my experience of last year:

I will unpack all bags and boxes on the day of arrival and not two weeks after.

Will they be kept?

We shall see…


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