A secret door, a door undiscovered

The title is the third line from the song “The Symphony” by Snow Patrol. It was the last song I listened to and I’m writing this in response to today’s daily prompt:


To me a secret is something intentionally kept from the knowledge of others while if something is undiscovered then it simply hasn’t been found yet.

People can sometimes mistake a secret from knowledge that is simply undiscovered. I’m not keeping the fact that I have a bar of Galaxy chocolate in the top shelf of the fridge at home a secret. It just so happens that no one has found out about it.

An intentionally hidden door, to something like a lair or a panic room, is a secret. But the door hidden naturally by ivy on the side of a building is undiscovered until someone pulls back the leafy curtain.

I suppose a secret is undiscovered, but something undiscovered isn’t necessarily a secret.


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