Pointless Plans

I planned to do so much with my day.

I had a list of things to do – I made it on Tuesday.

I listed things to do yesterday as well.

This has taught me a lesson.

I can’t plan everything.

Something else always happens, somethings always comes up.

So the studying I was going to do today has not been done. I had planned for so much work to be done. I was going to copy up notes, organise folders, attempt and reattempt example questions.

The things I have managed to do were unplanned and circumstancial.

A gas man came today. He had to get to the cupboard with the gas meter in and I cleared a path – so my room is now tidy.

I realised I would have no clean underwear after tomorrow – so my washing is done.

I needed a plate to eat from – so the dishes are clean.

But I have done no work, no studying and no folder sorting.

In a way, it has been a successful day.

Maybe I’ll plan to clean and I may then get some work done.

Though I’ve learnt that my plans are pointless.


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