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Ever just stopped in your tracks and gazed at something wonderful?

I have. And I’m sure you have too.

On a clear dark night you can see the most beautiful sights right above your head.

If you’re in an area with minimal light pollution, you can see the most astonishing sights. If you gaze long enough, fainter stars begin to fade in from the darkness.

There is nothing more thought provoking then putting our place in the Universe into perspective.

We are but one planet among billions. We orbit a star which is one of several million billion other stars, we live in a galaxy which is one of many billions.

We are a tiny speck of dust on the near infinite plane of the Universe.


Future Thoughts 2.0

One of my older posts has me pondering the path that my future will take.

I have to confess. When it comes to where I’d like to be in x number of years, I am just as clueless about it as I was back in 2013. The only difference is now I’m on the other side of graduation. I am a graduate. A statement that holds more expectations than can ever be reached, it still scares me now. It has been just over 6 months since I donned the black gown and square cap and I can’t help but feel I have somehow failed.

It took the length of my degree to realise that, as much as I loved studying the subject, astrophysics was not what my heart yearned in terms of a career. Many of my course mates were applying for graduate schemes and the like while I was escorting visitors around campus as a Student Ambassador. I absolutely adored that job! It encompassed such a variety of roles and it allowed me to do what I believe I do best – interact with people. I worked with the University marketing team assisting with on-campus events and off-campus school visits. I was able to share my passions for my degree subject and my university with children as young as 8 years old!

Since then, I’ve leaned towards the idea of a career in Events and Marketing. I have also done my fair share of Physics and Astronomy based events which included outreach events in schools or at the university observatory. Ideally, I would love to have a career in STEM outreach events and marketing. The question is, how on Earth do I initialise that path?

The more pressing point at the moment is that I have moved ~250 miles south of my hometown in Yorkshire to West Sussex to move in with my boyfriend of over a year, Sam. I knew I had no immediate plan for a career after graduation so after working as an Ambassador at various events over the summer, I returned to my family at home and my job at Subway. My Grandma passed away 17th August 2016. I’m glad to say I was able to be there during the weeks preceding her death. She was the one who first sparked my interest in astronomy when she made my brother and I watch reruns of the various series spin offs of Star Trek. She was the one I felt most close to in my family, after my brother. We were a trio and her death has had quite an impact on my life. Selfishly, her passing has made moving so far from home easier as I knew I wouldn’t be leaving her behind. However, now I regret leaving my brother. All of that is another blog post entirely!

I knew early on that the only way my relationship with Sam could progress would be if we were geographically close and that ultimately meant that one of us would have to move over halfway across the country. After many tears and in-depth discussions about the pro and cons, logic and reasons, of giving us and real chance by committing to such a big change, we decided I would be the one to move. It made sense for it to be me for reasons I won’t go into detail about now. I’ve only been “living” here for 5 days and, for the moment, it feels like any other time I’ve travelled down to visit him and his family. Tomorrow could change things. Tomorrow I start working. A job indirectly the result of his employment; casual conversation between Sam and the Store Manager meant he was aware of my work experience and that I’d be seeking employment. Due to staff shortages and prior knowledge of my skills and experience, I was offered a job without interview. I’ll be there on a temporary basis for the moment. I have been interviewed for a different job, one which I’m honest about preferring, but until such a time that I have or have not been offered a job there, Sam’s employers are happy for me to work for them in this mutually beneficial arrangement.

For the time being, my main focus is my relationship with Sam. There is little point in searching for a dream career if it becomes the only reason I’m still in the south of England. I’m not pessimistic about how things between Sam and I will pan out, in fact I am quite optimistic; I am, however, attempting to be pragmatic by focusing my energy on one aspect of my life at a time.

Right now, Sam is my priority.

To Return From My Literary Stasis

It has been 2 years 4 months and 3 days since my last post.


In this time I have ended one romantic relationship after being cheated on, started a long distance relationship with someone I met on holiday in Florida (he was also holidaying with his family and was too from the UK. YAY.), I have graduated from University with a BSc Hons in Astrophysics (thank fuck I made it!), experienced bereavement, worked two asynchronous jobs, moved ~250 miles from my lovely Yorkshire to West Sussex to be with the previously mentioned new boyfriend, interviewed for a new job, and tomorrow I start a different job. Yeah, quite a lot, and lots in between too!

So what do I aim to do now? In the spirit of the New Year, my main resolution is to write more. Just more. No specific genre, or target; I’d just like to get back into it and, rather than plan for days or weeks to write some particular piece, I’m just going to write. I’m going to just do it.( I will likely write in-depth about some of the aforementioned events – watch this space.)

I have always loved the idea of writing fiction and becoming a published author. However, it has always remained just that – an idea. Or rather many ideas.

I remember when I was in my mid-teens, I wrote around 35,000 words on some fantasy romance novel and it was all lost during the mental breakdown my laptop experienced. That was the day I learnt my lesson in backing up EVERYTHING just in case. The more personal issue I had was the lack of closure. I would never be, have never been, able to rewrite that story. I put so much time and mental effort into it that the vast majority of those words were as I wanted them. I knew I could never give it justice with a second attempt.

Now, my head and laptop are swimming with ideas, sometimes just the beginning of one, and I haven’t quite worked out how to move on from those few lines or paragraph of thought. Towards the end of the dreary 2016, I did have an idea for a story that I am fairly fond of. I’ve decided that my main goal for this year is to develop this story and have a good amount of words by mid-year, however many that is.

Depending on how well that plan goes, I may publish snippets of the story here. Though that is wholly dependent on my self-motivation, procrastination levels and general life busyness (mainly the former two).

So there you have it.


Write soon. x

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