To Return From My Literary Stasis

It has been 2 years 4 months and 3 days since my last post.


In this time I have ended one romantic relationship after being cheated on, started a long distance relationship with someone I met on holiday in Florida (he was also holidaying with his family and was too from the UK. YAY.), I have graduated from University with a BSc Hons in Astrophysics (thank fuck I made it!), experienced bereavement, worked two asynchronous jobs, moved ~250 miles from my lovely Yorkshire to West Sussex to be with the previously mentioned new boyfriend, interviewed for a new job, and tomorrow I start a different job. Yeah, quite a lot, and lots in between too!

So what do I aim to do now? In the spirit of the New Year, my main resolution is to write more. Just more. No specific genre, or target; I’d just like to get back into it and, rather than plan for days or weeks to write some particular piece, I’m just going to write. I’m going to just do it.( I will likely write in-depth about some of the aforementioned events – watch this space.)

I have always loved the idea of writing fiction and becoming a published author. However, it has always remained just that – an idea. Or rather many ideas.

I remember when I was in my mid-teens, I wrote around 35,000 words on some fantasy romance novel and it was all lost during the mental breakdown my laptop experienced. That was the day I learnt my lesson in backing up EVERYTHING just in case. The more personal issue I had was the lack of closure. I would never be, have never been, able to rewrite that story. I put so much time and mental effort into it that the vast majority of those words were as I wanted them. I knew I could never give it justice with a second attempt.

Now, my head and laptop are swimming with ideas, sometimes just the beginning of one, and I haven’t quite worked out how to move on from those few lines or paragraph of thought. Towards the end of the dreary 2016, I did have an idea for a story that I am fairly fond of. I’ve decided that my main goal for this year is to develop this story and have a good amount of words by mid-year, however many that is.

Depending on how well that plan goes, I may publish snippets of the story here. Though that is wholly dependent on my self-motivation, procrastination levels and general life busyness (mainly the former two).

So there you have it.


Write soon. x


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