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It Begins With a Bullet Point

I’m rubbish at keeping up to date with what’s happening in the world sometimes, I swear! I’ve recently discovered something that’s been around since, like, 2012? Two words:

Bullet Journalism.

It has gone viral and created an ever-growing community of Bullet Journal bunnies. With the colourfully creative variations of organising your journal taking over Instagram and the like, Bullet Journals have become one of the best ways of keeping track of everything! From the small tasks of everyday life to recording personal progress with goals, and even to organising trips and major upcoming events, the Bullet Journal seems flawless.

I’ve decided to give it a go. If, like me, you’re eager to be as organised as possible, love handwriting to-do lists and event diary entries, this amazingly versatile and customisable notebook is the way to keep your life in order. I have done a fuck-ton of Googling around the subject of Bullet Journals and I have seen some simply beautiful designs and spreads within other people’s journals.


Pinterest, for example, is chockablock full of ideas and inspiration for “Bullet Journal Junkies”. It is amazing how many variations you can find of one simple idea!

I love it.

The simple beauty of it is that there is no limit to what you can put into your journal. Every topic you write about can be catalogued in an index at the front so you can quickly find what you’re looking for in relation to anything and everything.

Here’s how my first attempt is going…

At the moment, I don’t have any huge events or trips upcoming so I don’t feel the need to include some of the “default” spread ans pages that most do. This is, after all, a trial so I want to see what works for me as I go on. I can try different spreads and designs with every month to see what I like best.

One thing that pops up in every Bullet Journal I have seen so far is the habit tracker. I think its a wonderful idea and a great way to reflect at the end of the month by seeing how colourful it has become. Many people opt to track health and fitness related whatnot, like how many days they visit the gym or drink 2L of water a day. Sadly, I am not such a fitness fiend and have opted to use this tracker method, with tracking fewer habits. I’ll admit, I have include a “No Chocolate” row out of curiosity for how well I’ll keep my kinda New Years’ Resolution eat less sugary foods… that row is indicated by the black pen shaded boxes so you can see how not well I’m doing on that front!


I also loved the idea of marking my goal progress. So far for February, I only want to follow the progress of my two main goals: to read for at least 2 hours a week and to write at least 2,500 words on my in-progress novel. (In relation to other people, these goals may be easily attainable. I, however, am coming out of a reading and writing drought so would like to slowly ease myself back into these habits.) For each of these I have drawn a bar with marking for milestones within the goal. I’m hoping this’ll allow me mini celebrations as I fill the bar up to each tick mark.



I did first start writing this particular blog post yesterday and drew up these progress bars the day before. So as can be expected, I haven’t got very far with it.

To be continued…

I am definitely going to keep to this system. I’ll post an update on my progress when I have more to show and more to say. One thing’s for sure, I am very excited to using my Bullet Journal!


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