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My Planet Made By Jigsaw Pieces From Fiction and Our Imagination

I’ve always loved the idea of living on a planet with more in the sky than one Sun and one Moon. Or maybe living on a moon orbiting a beautiful gas giant. Could you imagine the sights?

Twin Suns?

Sunset on TatooineSeeing two stars above the horizon, like in the scene from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, is a phenominal sight which we can only imagine.

Tatooine is the sandy homeworld of Luke and Anakin Skywalker, which orbits a binary system consisting of a Sun-like G-type and a less luminous K-type star.

Planets such as these are a rare occurence as far as our discoveries of exoplanets as gone so far. There are over 1000 confirmed exoplanets with only 17 confirmed to be circumbinary.

An artist's impression of the binary system Kepler 16.  Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

An artist’s impression of the binary system Kepler 16.
Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

One of these being Kepler 16b, which orbits a binary star system in the constellation of Cygnus consisting of a K-type star and an M-type star. Both of these are smaller than our Sun.

Kepler 16b is a gas giant, only a little smaller than our Saturn, so finding inhabitants similar to on Tatooine is very unlikely. However, the discover of such systems in our own Galaxy gives the idea that we may one day find such a familiar sight.

On a moon?

In our Solar System, moons are desolate companions to their parent planet. As with all things, there is an exception, one which is most unique compared to the rest.

Titan is the largest natural satellite of Saturn and the second largest in the Solar System, second to Jupiter’s Ganymede.

Saturn as seen from Titan - artistic impression

An artistic impression of Saturn viewed from Titan. Three of Saturn’s other moons, one possibly Enceladus, can be seen as faint white specks along a line from the Sun to Saturn’s rings.

Titan is most unique as it is the only moon in our System to have an atmosphere; it is rich in nitrogen, similar to Earth, but with a small percentage of methane and hydrogen, with traces of other hyrdocarbons.

It is also the only other world which hosts more than one state of the same element. On Earth, water is seen as solid ice, liquid oceans and water vapour. On Titan, it was confirmed in January 2007 that there are lakes of liquid methane present. These lakes are filled by the failing methane rain from clouds comprising of gaseous methane.

There definitely is not a comparable civilisation living on Titan but the idea of a faint glowing Sun in the day time followed by gazing up at the beautiful rings of Saturn sparks the imaginative creation of a wonderous world.

The film Avatar is a gorgeous example of how our imagination can create such amazing worlds – similar to Titan in the way of life evolving on a moon.


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In The Eye of the Beholder

It feels like everything fits.

Like everything around you suddenly makes sense.

A rush of pure bliss flows through your body and every part of your being just falls into place.

The music – it goes through you and you just let it.

You breathe, feeling the waterfall of relief and love and gratitude fall into you.

When you hear it somewhere unexpected, you just stop and smile.

Wanted Talents

There is one talent that I’d love to have and that would be to be able to play the piano perfectly.

Or is it to speak fluently in a foreign language.

Maybe it was to be able to ride a bike with no hands.

Whatever it is, I have accepted that I don’t have it.

A secret door, a door undiscovered

The title is the third line from the song “The Symphony” by Snow Patrol. It was the last song I listened to and I’m writing this in response to today’s daily prompt:

To me a secret is something intentionally kept from the knowledge of others while if something is undiscovered then it simply hasn’t been found yet.

People can sometimes mistake a secret from knowledge that is simply undiscovered. I’m not keeping the fact that I have a bar of Galaxy chocolate in the top shelf of the fridge at home a secret. It just so happens that no one has found out about it.

An intentionally hidden door, to something like a lair or a panic room, is a secret. But the door hidden naturally by ivy on the side of a building is undiscovered until someone pulls back the leafy curtain.

I suppose a secret is undiscovered, but something undiscovered isn’t necessarily a secret.

Procrastination Station

I’ve been procrastinating all Summer.  Taking notes on thermal physics from a gigantic textbook isn’t the most exciting thing to do in my holidays and I’ve managed to study only one of the three chapters we’ve been set. The book of endless words and my endlessly empty paper pad lie open on a fold out table by my bed with my pens spread across.

Over the days I haven’t studied, the table has accumulated deodorant cans, a going out bag, my earphones, a pair of earrings, bus tickets…

I suppose finding studying boring compared to enjoying my Summer Holiday is nothing compared to the necessity of me studying.

So I’ll press on tomorrow.

Or the day after…

When I was 10…

I wanted to be an astronaut.

I remember the days I spent with a cardboard helmet on my head sat in a larger cardboard box. I wanted to see all the things I saw in my books for myself. I wanted to float weightlessly sailing at warp speed into the unknown.

I am now an Astrophysics student at the University of Central Lancashire. I suppose my aspiriations drifted towards being the person to send the astronauts up, to research and investigate from a distance. My childhood aspirations and my present ambitions are very connected, very similar.

What ever career my degree will lead me to, be it research or teaching, I will always be close to my inner child’s dream.

The Curiositiless Unknown

A world without curiosity

Begs no question “why?”, nor

Can you tell me what, when?

Do you know how?

Everything would be purposeful, built

For only need and must.

Going to and from places

Hold no explorational pleasure.

If a star turned supernova

Just right before our eyes,

Knowledge about it won’t be sought for.

Landing on the Moon would never occur.

Moon phases not studied.

Nor any record of planets or moons

Out past ours.

People would study for need not regard

Questions would not be asked,

Regard disregarded and

So many things would be unknown.

The sky and beyond would be


Variety would be limited.

Would half the things invented be here?

Xeroxing no holiday photos

Yellow Suns untouched by camera

Zero curiosity leaves a world unknown.

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