Monthly Archives: October 2013

Back Into Routine

Along with the changing seasons, for me, I’m having to try to get back into the routine of university.

I need to get my sleeping pattern back. I’m finding getting up for a nine o’clock lecture on Monday morning especially difficult.

But the most important thing that I need I need to find the motivation to do regularly is to study. Last year I had a good routine, I got the work I needed to do done on time and handed in assignments with plenty time to spare.

All I wanna do is sleep.


In The Eye of the Beholder

It feels like everything fits.

Like everything around you suddenly makes sense.

A rush of pure bliss flows through your body and every part of your being just falls into place.

The music – it goes through you and you just let it.

You breathe, feeling the waterfall of relief and love and gratitude fall into you.

When you hear it somewhere unexpected, you just stop and smile.

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