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The Long Awaited Diary Entry, an Overdue Closure

It hurt to see her. It hurt to see her happy without me. Knowing that there was nothing that I could do to bring her back was the worst feeling in the world. It tore me. It broke me that something so feeble could shatter steel. From day one, we were soul mates. We had the same sense of humour, the same taste in music and film. It hurt to see her happy without me.

There laid a wall that stood thickly between us. Solid. Transparent. I could see through the lies that built up the barrier, but there was nothing that I could’ve ever done to break through what was based upon something I didn’t do.

The outsider had pushed her way in. Standing where I stood, she relished in the lies whispered to her through summer breeze and cared not for truth, but what sympathies the alleged would bring her. If ever I tried to right the wrong and shed light on truth, she would claim that all was too much, that my gentle pressure was too firm.

It hurt to see her. It hurt to see her happy as me. I knew that there was nothing I could ever do to knock her mud and stick tower to the deserved ground. It was unfair. I yerned to return to how things once were, but there were too many unknowns, too many people involved for them to think me honest. My word against their heresay, my truth against their ideal present.

So this treasured friendship was lost. Our ship wrecked at the bottom of the dishonest sea after waves after waves washed over our pure truth. I don’t blame her for missing the rocks and I don’t think any less of the others who swam with the current. I blame myself for thinking we could sail over an eternally calm sea. Storms are to be expected and those waves were inevitable. I suppose I never thought we would crash so silently.


The Kite Runner – Chapter 9

Rain rolls down the glass

Window, like melted silver.

Mirroring my tears


Things will never be

The same again now he’s gone.

My friend, my brother


Framed like the window

I gaze through to watch, you leave

Our father lost


A Haiku

Inspired by the words of Khalid Hosseini, in Chapter nine of The Kite Runner

In The Eye of the Beholder

It feels like everything fits.

Like everything around you suddenly makes sense.

A rush of pure bliss flows through your body and every part of your being just falls into place.

The music – it goes through you and you just let it.

You breathe, feeling the waterfall of relief and love and gratitude fall into you.

When you hear it somewhere unexpected, you just stop and smile.

A secret door, a door undiscovered

The title is the third line from the song “The Symphony” by Snow Patrol. It was the last song I listened to and I’m writing this in response to today’s daily prompt:

To me a secret is something intentionally kept from the knowledge of others while if something is undiscovered then it simply hasn’t been found yet.

People can sometimes mistake a secret from knowledge that is simply undiscovered. I’m not keeping the fact that I have a bar of Galaxy chocolate in the top shelf of the fridge at home a secret. It just so happens that no one has found out about it.

An intentionally hidden door, to something like a lair or a panic room, is a secret. But the door hidden naturally by ivy on the side of a building is undiscovered until someone pulls back the leafy curtain.

I suppose a secret is undiscovered, but something undiscovered isn’t necessarily a secret.

The Curiositiless Unknown

A world without curiosity

Begs no question “why?”, nor

Can you tell me what, when?

Do you know how?

Everything would be purposeful, built

For only need and must.

Going to and from places

Hold no explorational pleasure.

If a star turned supernova

Just right before our eyes,

Knowledge about it won’t be sought for.

Landing on the Moon would never occur.

Moon phases not studied.

Nor any record of planets or moons

Out past ours.

People would study for need not regard

Questions would not be asked,

Regard disregarded and

So many things would be unknown.

The sky and beyond would be


Variety would be limited.

Would half the things invented be here?

Xeroxing no holiday photos

Yellow Suns untouched by camera

Zero curiosity leaves a world unknown.

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